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Tham Piew

Tham Piew is a cave near Muang Kham, which is locally famous for housing hundreds of local villagers as shelter from bombing during the war years.

Mineral Springs

The hot springs of Muang Kham are situated approximately 52km north of Muang Phonsavanh.

That Foun (Old Xieng Khuang- Muang Khoun)

Muang Khoun is the old Xieng Khuang, and was once the provincial capital.

War Memorials

South of Phonosavan are two major war memorials set 1 km apart on separate hill tops.

Mooing Kham

This quiet town is very pleasant, but limited in recreation and sightseeing opportunities with just a few guesthouses, a couple of restaurants (mostly specialising in noodle soup) a market and the bus ...

Hmong Village

Hmong Village is a labyrinth of indoor merchant stalls, fresh produce vendors, bustling kitchens and offices geared toward the region's tens of thousands of Hmong residents, many who live in St. ...

Muang Sui

The quiet little town of Muang Sui is notable for a few reasons. During the American war it was famous for being the last site to be evacuated by the Royal Laos Army and the US CIA backed Air America ...

The Plain Of Jars

The most distinctive and enigmatic of all of Laos attractions are the Plain Jars.