Mooing Kham

This quiet town is very pleasant, but limited in recreation and sightseeing opportunities with just a few guesthouses, a couple of restaurants (mostly specialising in noodle soup) a market and the bus stop.

The two premier attractions of Muang Kham are the hot springs and Tham Piew, a large cave that housed over 400 civilians, who were killed when a single rocket was fired into the cave during the Second Indochina War. The limestone cave floor is littered with debris from the explosion that has been identified with a plaque as happening in 1969. To reach the cave visitors must first embark on a trek through the Hmong and Thai Dam villages, before hiking through the forest to reach the caves mouth. No memorial or monument has been erected; the blackened walls serve as a testimony to the tragedy, although some believe the cave was in fact being used as a makeshift Vietnamese hospital.