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The Plain Of Jars

The most distinctive and enigmatic of all of Laos attractions are the Plain Jars.

Steeped in mystery, the large area extending around Phonosavan from the southwest to the northeast is littered with stone jars some as tall as 3. 25 m, how and why they got there is the subject of speculation by both locals and archeologists, although nothing has been set in stone – the general consensus is one of bewilderment.

The jars are thought to be over 2,000 years old, but again this is just speculation and with no organic materials around them it is difficult to tell. Some of the locals believe the jars were built to store rice wine, when in the 6th century the Lao-Thai hero – Khun Jeaum defeated Chao Angka. Regardless of the story, this archeological area is an imperative piece of land in the studying of prehistoric Southeast Asia. With over 50 sites ranging from a single jar to groups of 400. A tour guide will advise on the most attractive sights and the safest routes to access them. The biggest and easiest to access of all the six sites is southwest of Phonsavan and features 250 jars that weigh between 600 kg to one tonne each. A former visit from the Thai Crown Prince resulted in two Pavilions and restrooms being built, the site also houses a little Laos-style restaurant.