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Shopping in Xieng Khouang

Phonsavan's local market is right in the centre of town. There's nothing touristy about this market, but it is a great place to pick up some genuine local products to remember your Xieng Khouang travel experience. The best time to visit it would be any morning, before noon, as that is when it's bubbling with activity and also the most fun.

The market has a large food section and an equally large clothes section. It also sells handicrafts which make for great souvenirs to remember your Xieng Khouang travel experience.

Phonsavan's market is a great place to pick up items at reasonable prices.

Use this Phonsavan Shopping Guide to get an idea of some of the shops and markets you may want to check out that are near your Phonsavan hotel. They are all recommended, at the very least as somewhere to browse around in. And after a busy day of shopping around, why not relax in one of the Phonsavan Restaurants, and enjoy a traditional Lao meal.

Phonsavan Shopping Guide

Phonsavan boasts many highly skilled silversmiths and fibre artisans. Cotton textiles and traditional woven silk are available in the local market. Their basketry too exhibits striking form and fine artisanship. The cotton and hand-woven silk fabrics and scarves with colourful motifs and designs are real value for money.

Bargaining is acceptable in Phonsavan; even in shops with fixed prices. However, tourists should remember not to purchase any antiques or images of the Buddha - it is illegal to export both. Ask your Phonsavan guesthouse hosts for tips on how to bargain.