What To See

Xieng Khouang is most noted as the location of the mystifying Plain of Jars (Thong Hai Hin).

Near Phonsavanh, the huge stone jars lay scattered about in 5 major locations, and some 20 know minor locations. The biggest of the jars weigh up to 6.6 tons, and the origin purpose of the jars is still not known.

About 33km east of Phonsavan, and a few kilometers from Muang Kham, is Tham Piu Cave where an estimated 200 to 400 people were killed by a single rocket strike in 1969.

There are some hot springs near Muang Kham, approx. 52 km north of Phonsavanh. There are two springs, Ban Noi (Little Spring) and Ban Yai (Big Spring). The temperature of the water in both springs is around 60C. You can bathe (or sit) in the springs themselves, and you can stay in somewhat rustic bungalows where you can fill tubs with spring water.